The Creators

Terrell Jackson

Co-Creator | Co-Writer | Voice Actor | Co-Producer | Sound Editing |Sound Engineering | Graphic Artist | Website Designing & Maintenance | Social Media Content & Management

Terrell is the co-creator and one of the writers of Love Don’t Live Here Anymore an original audio drama podcast series. He currently lives in the Central Valley of California and divides his time between, co-writing, story sound editing, background sound and effects, casting, website designing, and creating graphic flyer promos for this series.

The creation of this series has been a remarkable journey for me, the involvement with the co-creator/writer and working with collaborators, and the casts during this whole process have strengthened my skills as a team player

Terrell plays as one of the lead characters, Dwayne Washington, and also the father of another lead character, Naomi Martin. You can hear this series on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, IHeart Radio, and on all other podcasting platforms.

Ember Stone

Co-creator | Co-writer | Voices | Co-producer | Sound Editing | Script Continuity | Promo Flyer Editing | Website Editing

Ember is grateful for the opportunity to be apart of this project, and to take on so many roles as a first time content creator, and voice actress. She has given her heart to this project, and believes in the LDLHA team.

Originally from Los Angeles, CA, Ember is currently exploring Savannah, GA, awaiting her next traveling adventure. The undertaking of LDLHA has been, and continues to be, a unique, exciting, and rewarding new challenge for her.

Listen for her as the three female leads, Naomi, Tausha, Kitty, and other guest characters.


Ember has a baby IG and a newborn FB. She just might post one day.

IG: @official_ember_stone

FB: Ember Stone



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