ShowSeason 1

Episode 1

The Night We Met

Naomi Martin takes the listener on a guided tour through this pivotal time in her life where a passion fueled song she writes goes viral overnight, and one fateful encounter changes the course of her life forever.

Episode 4

Trust Me

Episode 4 | With Dwayne in the dog house, Naomi is back on her grind. She opens her heart to the possibility of a career in medicine, until a financial crisis, courtesy of Dwayne, threatens to destroy the very foundation upon which Naomi and her...

Episode 6

Forget Me Not

Episode 6 | Kitty takes matters into her own hands while Dwayne is out of Town, and Naomi releases her song into the universe before sharing her innermost thoughts with a mysterious stranger.

Episode 7

Gone Viral

Episode 7 | Naomi shares her inner world with a stranger as her outer world is turned upside down overnight. Her viral song sizzles, causing Dwayne and Kitty to scramble to protect their investment.



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