Shop Talk


Shop Talk Episode 1 | The Birth of LDLHA on Labor Day 🙂 | A sigh of relief after the 4 months of hard work that led to our Labor Day debut of Season 1. Let’s pop open some champagne to celebrate a job well done for everyone involved, and to us… Terrell & Ember!!! Cheers!!

Oooh Dwayne…

Shop Talk Episode 2 | Let’s Review LDLHA Episode 1 | Sharing various “Your 2 Cents” and Apple Podcast reviews. Recap of most popular scenes from Episode 1, and a very special audio review gives Dwayne goosebumps.

Send Me Your Chicken Skins …

Shop Talk Episode 3 | Let’s Review LDLHA Episode 2 | Ember explains talking to herself, Dwayne makes another appearance, and Terrell draws inspiration from childhood games and… chicken skin.



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