How Does It Work

Welcome to the ‘Your 2 Cents” Community, where you can share, listen, and comment on each available episode we publish.

We want to hear how you feel about each episode, like who’s your favorite character? What scene was your favorite? We even want to know what character you can’t stand, or anything else you would like to share!

How does it work? It’s super EASY!

Step 1 – After each episode, from your mobile phone, take a 1-minute voice recording of yourself answering the following questions.

  • What were your thoughts?
  • Favorite characters?
  • What were your favorite scenes?
  • Name, city, and/or state you’re from (optional)

Step 2 – Send your recording to our email @

And you’re done! Easy, right?

Once we’ve received your email, we will then add it to the website in “The Community Section” where you can listen to yourself, and others all over the world, give their “2 Cents” about each episode.

Want to do more? Leave a comment at the bottom of the page to share more of your thoughts and what you enjoyed. Who knows, your message may be included in our upcoming podcast show! Looking forward to hearing and reading all your comments!

We pick a few of our favorite recordings to be played on our weekly post-show podcast, so have fun with it! You just might hear your voice on the show! We still read all of your written comments too, so don’t forget to join the discussion on our Facebook page





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